Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why you need an Apple watch

You do not have an Apple watch yet? Then you will not miss it (yet). But I can not live without it anymore. Below my top 10 list of features I love.
  1. Searching for your iPhone. Seems to be a stupid function, but saves me a lot of time. There is a function to let the iPhone beep to find it. Very useful.
  2. Measuring the resting heart rate overnight. This is very useful for actively training people of endurance sports, like cycling or running. See this article for in-depth information. There is nothing to do to get this data. Just keep the watch on your wrist overnight (and charge it during the breakfast).
  3. Gently notification. I never miss anything and my colleagues are not bothered by ringtones or vibration. The watch is really gently and silently notifying.
  4. Answer messages quickly. You can reply to messages by emoticons very easily from the watch. So, a thumbs up or kisses are easily replied.
  5. Remote control Spotify. You can remote control Spotify from the watch. Switch to the next song or change volume.
  6. Navigation. If you navigate by Apple maps, the watch will tell you where to go and is even having different vibration schemes for left and right. Very cool if you need walking in an unknown city.
  7. Siri dial / weather. The new watchOS4 Siri dial tell you when rain is expected.
  8. Payment. This is actually the best.Pay contactless with your watch just with a touch. I love it. You can easily get access to your cards by pressing the dock button twice. Then you can even select the card you want by sliding.
  9.  Listen to music without the phone. You can load music onto your watch and listen to bluetooth headphones without iphone. Perfect for the gym or running outdoors.
  10. Use Siri. I frequently use Siri to set timers, set my alarm, get information on my watch. It is more handy than on the phone, especially when you cook and your hands are contaminated.

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