Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chromebook remote connection via VPN

After having my lovely chromebook (see my review of the Acer C720 below) for some days already, I would like to share with you a small trick.
The Chrome remote desktop app is even able to tunnel through VPN networks.
I was struggling to install the VPN to connect to my office PC on the chromebook. Here Google needs to invest more to get it running with more VPN gateways. I was unhappy until I found that there is an easy workaround.
If you have access to install chrome and the Chrome remote desktop app on your office PC you should be able to access it remotely by your chromebook (using the same app). It is not a guarantee to work, but if your IT department is not as strict as in a Swiss bank, it can work. Try it!
I now can easily work from home on my Acer C720 (and my employer is more happy as well).

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