Sunday, November 17, 2013

Collection of things which can not be done (yet) by chromebooks (frequently updated)

I will add all the things I experience which do not work yet (I hope the ChromeOS team will read my blog and will implement it.

- Opening .wav files encoded by FritzBox answering machine
- Some vpn encryption options
- Auto-backup of raw photographs (at least .nef by Nikon and .raf by Fuji were not working), but they can be manually copied to Gdrive and are then available in Google+ for editing (in raw)
- Download high definition audio (all the providers I found require a download manager which runs on Windows or Mac OS X), looking forward to comments if anybody uses the chromebook with external dac as high defintion audio player (Update: works without download manager)
- Play flac files from gdrive - No app or preview is available so far (internal player has been updated and plays flac in perfect quality)
- Skype (voice and video conferencing) -> Google hangouts needs to be used
- Upload music to google music (no chromebook extension / app available)  See my blog entry for the update details
- Rip Audio CDs
- Play DVDs (via USB connected drive)
- Copy folders directly from external reader / sd card reader to gdrive
- Run Povray or similar raytracing program
- Share a 3G connection as hotspot (like mobile phones can do)
- Syncronize gdrive files and folders when on 3G connection only (works exclusivly with WIFI)

Please add your improvement suggestions as a comment below.

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